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Prime Ethos Answers Some of the Common Belt-Related Styling Questions

prime ethos

Do you follow any belt style rules? When it comes to belting, there is a certain confusion about what’s right and wrong. We decided to clarify some of the very common questions that men can have regarding the styling of belts. So, here we go: We are answering these questions with our perspective. You are […]

Leather belts for men- Perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas 2020

Leather belts for men

Leather belts are far more than mere essentials used to pull up the pants together. A good leather belt displays a man’s sense of style. If you are planning to give your man something special this Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with leather belts.  In this article, we will discuss why we think so […]

How to sanitize a leather belt?

how to sanitize a leather belt

Can you sanitize a leather belt? Well, the answer would be no. If you do so, then the leather would be prone to damage. But then, in this pandemic season, it is vital that we take extra precautions regarding disinfecting our belongings and pretty much everything around us.  Disinfecting agents consist of alcohol which kills […]

Tips on choosing the right leather belt size for men

Tips on choosing the right leather belt size for men

Ill-fitted belts are a sin. Finding the right belt size for men doesn’t have a written formula. Even then, there are certain things you must know to choose the correct leather belt size. One of the common mistakes that is made while selecting the belt size is assuming the pants waist size as your belt […]