Belt like a Star: 6 belt styling tips for men

belt styling tips for men

Are you someone who is confused with the types of belts and the ways of styling them? Worry not as we are here to help you with everything you must know about belts. Read on to know more:

Men who want to stay in vogue must have a belt for every occasion, be it formal or informal. Earlier, belts were only meant as an accessory, or to put differently a basic utility item in a man’s wardrobe. But belts these days are used to compliment your style and attire. Your choice of belt determines your identity. Thus choosing the right belt that goes with your outfit becomes extremely crucial.

The fashion industry is no more the same as it was a few decades ago. Fashion is evolving and becoming more varied for both men and women. With men’s belts, you can find various materials as well as colours. Men must not only focus on the right fit but also the material type and colour of the belt.

To belt like a star you must know certain rules that go about the belting world. With this, we know you may have numerous queries in your mind. 

What goes with casual wear?

What is the best belt to don a formal style?

What is the right way to wear a belt?

Six Belt Styling Tips for men

One must always ensure to match the belt colour and type with their shoes. The world had moved from the basic black and brown belts to blue, grey, tan and rust. Here we present 6 belt styling tips for men:

Black leather belts for the formal look

A simple black leather belt can be a perfect fit for your formal wear. Make sure to match your leather belts with a nice pair of formal shoes. Leather belts are also mostly used with suits because it amplifies your style statement to a whole new level. You can also add a tie to enhance your look.

Brown leather belts for that polished and sleek look

You find a black leather belt blending with all your formal attires. But brown leather requires a bit more work. What calls to be a winning look with a brown leather belt is nothing other than polished brown shoes.

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Woven belts for jeans

Men who want a classic look should opt for woven belts. With a pair of chinos or linen short, woven belts can be striking. Get your casual and summer look with the good ol’ zigzag woven belt. Another dashing look will be khaki shorts topped with plain shorts and flip flops and brown or rusty coloured woven belt.

Fabric belts for your trousers

The best thing about fabric belts is that they come in various colours. So if you are someone who loves to experiment with their looks with shades of amazing colours, then look no further and opt for fabric belts. Not only are they easy to maintain but also add the much-required oomph to your look. Unlike leather belts, these belts aren’t stiff and extremely easy to use. The most common type of fabric belt materials is canvas and cloth belts.

Thin belts go well with your formal wears

Regular belts are easy to carry and use, pretty much no rocket science involved Nor do thin belts for men do. All it requires is a bit more effort to sync them with your overall look. Thinner belts can flair your formal outfit.

Choose the right buckle to up your style game

Buckles no longer look the same plain framed. There has been a drastic fashion evolution around their major part of your belt. From frame type to box frame, plate style to micro-adjustable, D-ring type to snap-type, buckles have shifted from being only a part that holds your belt together. Remember to ensure that your metal frame colour is similar to the strap of your watch.

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