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How to prevent belt from cracking

We at Prime Ethos get asked a common question by our customers-

“How can I fix my cracked leather belt?”

The answer to this question depends entirely on the damage caused. In this, we will let you know the ways to prevent the leather belt from cracking and ways to fix them.

Leather cracking- Why does it happen?

Leather, which is animal skin, easily cracks when it becomes dry. Animal skin like ours gets its nourishment from natural body oils. But when the animal skin is used as leather, there is no source of moisture and also the tanning agents replace the water content in it. This causes the fibres to dry out and cause cracks in the leather surface. Just like human skin, if you do not moisturize properly, the skin tends to become rough and dry.

Follow these three steps to fix leather cracks on your belt

  • Using soap or cleaner clean your leather belt
How to prevent belt from cracking

Cleaning is an important part of your leather belt caring ritual. It helps the leather to become soft and flexible. Apply the soap or cleaner using a soft cloth. Then with a soft-bristled brush clean the dirt inside the cracks.

  • Apply conditioner on the cracks
How to prevent belt from cracking

Conditioner will hydrate and smoothen any cracks. Using your fingers or sponge apply the conditioner. Continue applying until you see cracks being smoothened. Wipe off any extra product. And leave it to dry overnight.

  • Re-apply if required

At times, if the leather has completely dried out, then you may have to reapply the conditioner. But remember not to overdo it, as applying too much of the conditioner will leave it looking waxy and slippery. The best time for reconditioning is monthly. It will help keep the leather in the best condition for a longer time.

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How to prevent leather belts from cracking?

Always Hang your belt– Tip #1 How to prevent belt from cracking?

This is one of the vital caring tips that prevent your leather belt from cracking. Never store your belts curled up in your pants or wardrobe. Curling the belt will produce creases and crack in them aiding in ageing. The best way to store your belts is by taking them out of your pant loops and hanging them. You can also buy a separate belt hanger which is widely available in the market.

Condition your belt– Tip #2 How to prevent belt from cracking?

This is the same tip that we mentioned to fix the cracks on your belt. Conditioning your leather belt is also a preventive measure used to stop cracks from developing on your belt. Over time, leather starts to lose its natural oil and dry out. This step helps your leather belt stay soft and shiny. Conditioning also protects your belt against moisture and dirt build-up.

Safely wash your belt-Tip #3 How to prevent belt from cracking?

You must always clean your belt gently using a soft-bristled brush and leather cleaner or liquid soap. A detailed washing instruction has been already discussed above. It is important to scrub both sides of your leather belt and leave it to dry indoors or away from sunlight. Exposing your wet belts directly to the sunlight will cause them to dry out and crack.

Never overuse the belt– Tip #4 How to prevent belt from cracking?

Over wearing your belt is not advisable. People usually buy a good quality belt and wear it with every pair of pants for almost every occasion. And complain that their belt got cracked or looks old in a month. No matter how costly or good quality your belt is, it is not meant to be overused. Have another paid to go with your attire.

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