How to Punch a Hole in a Leather Belt?

how to punch a hole in a leather belt

Do you own a leather belt? Then you must know how to punch a hole in it. Because sooner or later, you may have to punch one for various reasons. That holiday weight you gained this Christmas may demand some extra space or a new pair of pants that sit differently on your body, or may because its been a while and leather around the existing hole that you use is getting a bit stretched up. No matter what your reason maybe, if you need a hole your leather belt, then you have to punch one. So, here we have three very easy methods to punch a hole in a leather belt.

Three Easy Methods-How to punch a hole in a leather belt?

Using Awl or Nail- Method #1 on how to punch a hole in a leather belt

An awl is a sharp-edged tool that can be found by the majority of the toolboxes. If you do not have an awl, then a large nail can be good enough. All you have to do is mark the spot using a measuring tape so you do not punch a hole that looks unevenly spaced when compared to the other holes on your belt. Place the belt on a wooden board and insert the awl onto the marked spot and drive it all the way till you make a neat hole.

Using a Drill- Method #2 on how to punch a hole in a leather belt

This is a tool not tough to find. Probably you own one right now. Then all you need to do is use a proper bit to drill a clean hole. 3/16” bit mostly works out if carefully used. You must hold the leather belt very firmly or else, it can spin around with the drill causing major damage. Also, the leather belt should be kept on a wooden block or spare wood as the drill can go through the leather to anything below it. So keeping a wooden block or spare would protect your surface.

Using a Punch Pliers- Method #3 on how to punch a hole in a leather belt

Punch pliers are also known as leather hole puncher or rotary punch which are specially designed tools used for making holes in the leather belt. These have a wheel with various sized punch tubes. All you have to do is find the right size of the punch tube and press the handles together. This is a great tool that gives an easy hole in your leather belt without any hassle.

You can use any of these three methods as per your convenience. But it’s really important to measure holes and mark them well. The standard measurement between belt holes is 1 inch. So make sure the measurement of the holes is done accurately.

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