How to sanitize a leather belt?

how to sanitize a leather belt

Can you sanitize a leather belt?

Well, the answer would be no. If you do so, then the leather would be prone to damage. But then, in this pandemic season, it is vital that we take extra precautions regarding disinfecting our belongings and pretty much everything around us. 

Disinfecting agents consist of alcohol which kills the protective layer around the viruses thus neutralizing them. The alcohol if applied on leather material can discolour and dry them out causing intense damage. Thus, applying sanitizers or any other disinfecting agents directly on your leather belts would deteriorate them.

So how to sanitize a leather belt?

Before we take you through “how to sanitize a leather belt?”, let’s help you with the best ways to clean your leather belt. Please note that the below-given steps do not necessarily disinfect your leather belt from viruses or bacteria, but can be used to remove the dirt and increase its life expectancy.

Worry not, by the end of this article, you’ll certainly find some ways to manage your leather belt during pandemic times.

How to clean a leather belt?

how to sanitize a leather belt

Cleaning and removal of build-up dirt is the best way to maintain the lustre and shine of the leather belts. You can use good quality leather cleaning soap. With a wet soft brush or sponge, dab on the soap and gently in circular motion rub the entire leather belt. Next, using a damp cloth rinse belt and remove the extra soap from the belt. Remember not to rub but gently wipe. Lastly, condition your belt.

Conditioning your belt regularly will retain its moisture thus keeping the leather supple and fresh. All you need is a leather conditioner. Using a soft cloth apply a generous amount of the leather conditioner on the belt. Again with a circular motion, apply the conditioner across the belt’s length. Make sure to allow the belt to air dry completely before wearing it again. 

Tip: Belt cleaning must be mandatorily followed by conditioning.

How to remove tough stains from leather belt?

For oil-based stains, apply cornstarch on the stained area using your fingers. Dust off the powder with your fingers. For other stains, you can apply alcohol using a cotton swab on the area and leave it to dry. Alternatively, you can use lemon tartar paste and apply to the stained area and wipe away after 10 minutes using a damp cloth. Again use the belt only after it’s completely air-dried.

How to sanitize a leather belt?

If exposed to harmful viruses, disinfecting a leather belt is equally important as it is with other belongings. But as said above, the use of alcohol or soaps can cause damaging effects on the leather belt leading it to age and wear off. So how exactly should you sanitize a leather belt?

Wiping the leather belt with a damp cloth dipped in hot water mixed with light shampoo can help you gently disinfect it. But again the surety of getting it rid of the viruses is not given. So how can you manage the leather belt during these challenging times?

Here’s a tip. After every use, make sure to hang the belt in a separate and secluded area away from your closet. This is to ensure that your clothes or other belongings do not remain in contact with the belt. Upon touching the belt while wearing them, sanitize your hands. Follow the same procedure while hanging them back after use.  This way you can avoid regular cleaning of your leather belt with soap and water. 

We hope these tips will ensure the longevity of your leather belts. With a little care and love, your favourite accessory will have its shine and glory for years to come. Want to shop mens leather belt!

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