How to store leather belts? Mens Leather Belt Storage Ideas

how to store leather belts

Leather is an item associated with luxury and style. Leather belts are one of the most favourite accessories used by men around the world. As expensive and luxurious it looks so is the amount of time and effort needed to take care of it. Leather belts must be handled well for a long-lasting appearance. 

In this blog, we will help you understand the mistakes that most of us make while handling a leather belt. Storage being one of the most important ways, we have dedicated the latter part of this blog to how to store leather belts properly. So read on:

Never do this to your mens leather belt

  • Not cleaning properly
how to store leather belts

Just like anything else in this world, without regularly cleaning your leather belt will age and look weary too fast. Cleaning your leather belt is no big deal. Make a practice wiping the leather belts with a good solution and let them dry completely. You can also use a leather polish and conditioner for further maintenance.

  • Rolling them up
how to store leather belts

Rolling your leather belts is a part of storing them. The very act of rolling the belts can leave wrinkles causing the belt to crack later on. As we said above, without proper storage of your leather belt, it can shrink, age and eventually lose its overall appearance. To avoid this, always make sure to store your leather belt by hanging them. More details in the latter half of this article.

  • Using the wrong products
how to store leather belts

Maintenance of leather requires the right amount and kind of products. One must understand that the leather polish and leather conditioner are used for different purposes. Leather polishes are used to enhance its shine while the leather conditioner is used to protect the leather from cracking and drying out as it helps the material retain its moisture content.

Mens Leather Belt Storage Tips- Follow these Tips For The Longer Life Your Belt 

Hang your belt on a belt rack – Tip #1 How to store leather belts

how to store leather belts

A belt rack has numerous hooks to hang the belt straight down. This keeps the leather belt neat and tidy, without any wrinkles or cracks.

Invest in a good belt organiser rack- Tip #2 How to store leather belts

how to store leather belts

Belt organiser racks are easy to set up and can store all belts of all sizes. Buy a good quality belt organizer rack that gets easily fit into your closet or on a wall. 

Ring hangers are a great idea – Tip #3 How to store leather belts

how to store leather belts

Another cool belt storage solution is the ring hangers. You can easily place them on regular hanger rods or rails and hang your belts.

Sliding belt racks for extra sophistication – Tip #4 How to store leather belts

A great belt storage solution to match your closet style as well a hang your belts neatly. Simple slide out to select your favourite belt and after use slide back in.

Store it in a well-ventilated area- Tip #5 How to store leather 

how to store leather belts

Storing your leather belts in a place where there is enough circulation of air. Moisture content from the air can pass through leading to mildew formation. If left in the same way for a long time can cause the leather to rot. Also, protect your leather belt from direct exposure to high temperatures. Heat can dry them up and cause shrinkage. 

So we hope these storage tips will help you maintain your leather belts looking their best for a longer time. We are Prime Ethos, mens leather belt UK retailers who are happy to help our customers with every possible solution that would help them retain their leather quality for years to come.

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