Prime Ethos Answers Some of the Common Belt-Related Styling Questions

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Do you follow any belt style rules? When it comes to belting, there is a certain confusion about what’s right and wrong. We decided to clarify some of the very common questions that men can have regarding the styling of belts. So, here we go:

We are answering these questions with our perspective. You are totally free to choose your style with all your freedom

  1. Which color should I buy- Brown belt or Black belt?
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When selecting a belt colour, men often get confused about which one to choose. Leather belts for men come in two basic colours- black or brown. The choice depends purely on your outfit, especially your shoes. Technically, if you have both brown and black with silver and gold buckles, then you can pretty much match them with most of your outfits.

  1. Should my belt colour match with my shoes?
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Yes. Brown belts must be worn with brown shoes. And a black belt with black shoes. Though there are rule-breakers, as we said earlier, it’s your style and your choice. Mismatches can be done but you can always work your way around it. Major fashion gurus have shown how you can wear a belt that isn’t the colour of your shoes but yet looks and pairs well.

You can certainly blend colours, but make sure to focus on the material and buckle. We’ll discuss this below. So read on.

  1. What colour belt goes perfectly with Jeans?
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Black belts can go great with blue jeans and brown belts will look cool with grey jeans. Here you should also give importance to what colour shoes you are wearing. If you are wearing white sneakers then match them with brown or neutral tones of the belt. Another rule is to match leather belts with leather shoes, canvas belts with canvas shoes, etc. You must also pay attention to the width and buckle of your belt. More on that very soon.

  1. What colour belt would look best with khaki or chinos?
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Khaki pants can go great with a brown belt and brown shoes. Darker shades of chinos can go well with black pants. You are free to experiment but make sure to pair them well with a good pair of shoes.

  1. Should I match the belt buckle colour with my outfit?
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This is a preferable choice of matching the metal on your belt with your outfit such as shoes or loafers, blazers, watch or button. If you have a silver buckle then have a silver metal in any other part of your accessories. If gold buckles then match them with some gold colour accessories.

  1. What colour belt should I wear with suits?
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With a grey or blue suit, brown shoes and belt look the best. If you are wearing a black suit, go for a black belt. Technically, a brown belt goes with all suit colours except black.

Well, some prefer to go beltless. This would be perfect with a well-stitched suit.

  1. Should my belt and shoe have the same finish?

As said above, the material and finish of your shoes and belt do matter. So if your shoes have a wet-look, then a belt with the same look and colour would look the best. Leather belts? Leather shoes. Canvas belt? Canvas shoes. Fabric belt? Fabric shoes.

  1. How should I decide the width of the belt?
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Just remember this, wider the belt, the more casual it looks. If the belt is thick, it again goes best with a casual look. Thinner belts go perfect with formal looks.

With that said, we hope that some of the common doubts about belt styling are clearer now. If you want us to answer any other questions, then help us know by writing to us. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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