Tips on choosing the right leather belt size for men

Tips on choosing the right leather belt size for men

Ill-fitted belts are a sin. Finding the right belt size for men doesn’t have a written formula. Even then, there are certain things you must know to choose the correct leather belt size.

One of the common mistakes that is made while selecting the belt size is assuming the pants waist size as your belt size.

NOTE: Your belt size and your pants waist size can never be the same.

To look at your best, it’s important to buy your clothes and accessories to your exact size. Even a half-inch plus or minus can make you look clumsy. The same goes with mens leather belts. In this article, we will help you with how to find the correct belt size and some important things to keep in mind while selecting your belt size. 

Methods to find the right size of mens leather belt

  1. Use your existing belt size

This is one of the fastest and precise ways to know your belt size. Lay your existing belt on an even surface. Take a measuring tape and measure from the buckle end(the place where the pin and buckle meet) to the hole that you mostly use or is best comfortable to you. This gives you the exact leather belt size.

  1. Measure yourself

Use a flexible measuring tape. Wear a shirt/T-shirt and pants/jeans. Thread the measuring through the pant loops just as you do with your belt. Mark the measurement where the tape goes exactly one time around your waist. Note down this measurement and add 2 to 3 inches extra to it. Suppose if the waist size you measure using this method is 33 then go for 36, 37 then 40.

<h3>Mens Leather Belt Size Chart</h3>

Once you have measured your size, you can use this general leather belt size chart to find your size.

XS30    26.5-2828-30
S32    28.5-3031-32
M34    30.5-3233-34
M36    32.5-3435-36
L38    34.5-3637-38
L40    36.5-3839-40
XL42    38.5-4041-42
XL44    40.5-4243-44
2XL46    42.5-4445-46
3XL48    44.5-4647-48
4XL50    46.5-4849-50

Some facts you must know about mens leather belt sizes

  • The part of your waist where you wear your belt is important. Ask yourself, is it around your waist or on your hip area? Measurement should be taken where you wear the belt.
  • It is normal for leather belts to stretch 2-4mm during the initial use. This happens only once due to the Mullins effect. The extra holes will help you in finding the proper fit.
  • If you do not happen to find a flexible measuring tape them a cable or ribbon would do the purpose. After measuring, mark the area and use the regular ruler to find your perfect size.

If you follow these methods and keep in mind the above facts, you can’t go wrong with your belt size ever. But if yet the forbidden happens, don’t worry, as you can always punch a hole. Read on How to punch a hole in a leather belt?

Why finding exact size for leather belts need extra care?

If not of good quality, then leather belts tend to stretch and degenerate with time. So it’s crucial that you purchase the best quality leather belts and also take good care of it to keep your belt fresh and shiny for a long time. Know how you can take care of your mens leather belt.

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