Types of belt buckles

The influence of new-age fashion on accessories is enormous. It’s not only about fabrics and their patterns. Accessories such as hats, belts, watches, purses, and wallets are heavily promoted.

Belts and buckles are used to secure the materials around the waist. There are certainly more belt buckle styles than anyone likes to acknowledge in men’s leather belts. There are plenty of personalized alternatives that mark various anniversaries, achievements and provide a fresh style to your clothing.

3 Different Types of Belt Buckles Depending on the Attachment Type:

  1. Screw closure

Screw closure is a buckle style that is appropriate for both formal and casual wear. It features a Screw bar to secure the belt.

  1. Clamp Closure

Clamp Closure is a type of buckle in men’s leather belts that is mostly associated with formal clothing. It is connected to the belt in two sections. One half of this kind is larger, while the other is somewhat smaller. The camp closing style is custom-made to match the design.

  1. Stitch closure

A stitch closing buckle is a one-of-a-kind buckle style. It has a belt that is made of any woven material and the buckle is connected to the belt with the help of leather. The name Stich closure comes from the fact that it is sewn together. It adds a touch of elegance to a casual outfit.

Belt Buckle Types Based on Shape 

  • Tongue Buckles

Tongue Buckle is a traditional style with a metal loop and pins in a men’s leather belt. These closing buckles are now available in two designs.

Single Tongue – It just has one pin and one metal loop.

Double Tongue – It has two pins and a metal loop to increase its gripping ability.

  • Double Side

The single-side belt is the inverse of the double-side belt. The double-sided belts have a distinctive appearance, and the design simply adds a pop of colour to the wearer’s outfit. On informal belts, a double-sided buckle has always been used.

  • Reversible buckles

Reversible buckles offer the added benefit of being usable on both sides. The reversible buckle belts are created and decorated according to the wearer’s fashion preference to secure the belt securely.

  • Military Buckle

The military belt generally does not have holes and instead has a plastic strip stitched on the inside of the belt. By pushing the release, the other side of the buckle is released. This allows you to alter the size of the belt to one liking.

  • Clip Buckle

The clip buckle is like a dished plate that falls flat. The belt is tightened near the bar and the hook resides on the opposite side of the belt. The three bars help to adjust the fitting. Majorly seen on cowboys, this buckle type adds a novelty to the look always.

Some other styles of Buckles

Wrestling Buckle

Auto Lock Buckle

Pin Buckle

Clip Latch Buckle

Rigger’s Belt

Designer Military Buckle

Flip Closure Buckle

Self Defense Buckle

Automatic Locking Splice Buckle

Military Utility Buckle

Automatic Latch Buckle

Webbing Buckle

Clip-on Buckle

These are some belt types one must know about as every type has its specialty. A carefully selected belt buckle can help adorn the outfit and also let you stand out in the crowd when you know how to inculcate the idea in your style.

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