Ways to Recognize Genuine Leather Belts from a Fake One

Ways to Recognize Genuine Leather Belts from a Fake One

You might’ve guessed by now that leather belts are more than agents of keeping your pants together. It’s a form of statement and style that symbolizes millions of jobs in the world today. If you’re a leather belt aficionado, you understand that a genuine leather in belts is worth more than any belts in the world. They’re expensive too, so you need to watch out the legitimacy of the leather. But guess what. You don’t need a specialist to look for genuine men’s leather belts for you. You only need your eye, nose, and the tips below to get started.

1. Genuine leather belts wear out longer compared to synthetic ones

One disadvantage of this tip is you would know the difference after several years. Genuine leather belts have a different hide compared to synthetic ones. Because synthetic leather belts have plastic, it tends to crack and crumble after a year or two of constant usage. Genuine leather belts don’t crack or crumble even after year five or so. If you take care of your genuine leather with leather softeners or conditioning cream, your belt will last for more than five years.

2. Genuine leather belts have a distinct smell

A genuine leather belt’s smell can’t exactly be described, but you’ll be familiar with it once you’re a fan of genuine leather belts. Synthetic leather belts smell like naphtha, and some don’t have a smell at all. Other chemically-curated synthetic leather belts have strong chemical aroma on them that doesn’t smell anything like the real ones.

3. Some genuine leather belts can absorb water

Not all genuine leather belts have the ability to absorb water, so in checking the legitimacy through this method, you have to be attentive. Why? There are manufacturers of genuine leather that film their product with water repellent treatment. The treatment is done through textile auxiliary chemicals. With this kind of treatment, even if the leather is genuine, it won’t absorb water.Generally, if you put a drop of water on the leather part of a genuine leather belt, water will be absorbed for a few seconds. The absorbing action of the leather shouldn’t leave a trace of discoloration or whatnot. A fake or synthetic leather belt wouldn’t absorb a droplet of water because, for the most part, it was made with plastic.

Final thought

Above are some of the best ways of testing whether the leather belt is genuine or not. There are other ways of telling, but so far, these are the most effective tell-tales of a genuine leather belt. Care to put more tips on how to tell whether a leather belt is genuine or not? Suggest ways through the comment box below.

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