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Why does my leather belt smell bad?

If your leather belt is expensive and extremely dear to you, then we would recommend you to read this blog till the end. As we have included some great tips to keep your leather belt smelling good.

What is the natural smell of a leather belt?

Leather, which is animal skin, easily cracks when it becomes dry. Animal skin like ours gets its nourishment from natural body oils. But when the animal skin is used as leather, there is no source of moisture and also the tanning agents replace the water content in it. This causes the fibres to dry out and cause cracks in the leather surface. Just like human skin, if you do not moisturize properly, the skin tends to become rough and dry.

Why does my leather belt smell bad?

Bad odours coming from your leather belt can be a problem. It can be a manufacturing defect or some mishandling that happened from our side. Fixing this unpleasant smell is possible but only to an extent. Hence, we always recommend our customers to take good care of their leather belts to avoid bad smells.

Your leather belt can have various smells. It could be fishy, sweaty, smoky or even smell like chemicals. We are going to break down the reason behind these smells here below:

#1 Why does my leather belt smell bad like mould?

Why does my leather belt smell bad?

This is the most complaint we hear from our customers. The major reason for leather belts smelling like mould is their storage and handling. Leather belts should never dry completely before storing or hanging them. Also, avoid hanging them in areas with lots of moisture such as your bathroom.

How can I get rid of the bad smell from my leather belt?

Use the saddle soap to clean the leather belt and to maintain its natural scent. Alternatively, you can also fill a box with baking soda and place the belt into it. Leave it there for 24 hours. Remove if the smell is gone. Or else repeat the process.

#2 Why does my leather belt smell bad like sweat?

Why does my leather belt smell bad?

Our body sweat can easily get absorbed in the leather which causes our belts to smell like sweat over time. Hanging them without drying will increase the problem even more.

How can I remove the sweaty smell from my leather belt?

Just as said above, it is important to dry out the leather completely before hanging or storing it. You can start by cleaning the belt with a leather soap or detergent. Or make a solution of water and vinegar. Dap the soap or vinegar mixture until the smell is gone. Do not forget to let it dry completely. After drying, condition the leather belt.

#3 Why does my leather belt smell bad like smoke?

Why does my leather belt smell bad?

If your leather belt was exposed to regular smoke fumes, then there are high chances of you experiencing this problem. The smoke fumes can be absorbed into your leather belt leaving a residue on its top layer. Thankfully, this smell can be removed to a larger extent without causing much damage to your leather belt.

How to remove the smoky smell from your leather belt?


Our very old vinegar is here to rescue. Take equal parts of water and vinegar. With the help of a sponge, rub this mixture on your leather belt. Make sure not to overload it with the mixture. Use a small amount of it and repeat the process until you find no odour coming from the belt. 

Dryer Sheets

Another alternative is to cover the leather belt with dryer sheets and leave it likewise for some days. This is a simple method that will absorb all the smoky residue leaving your belt to smell like leather again.

#4 Why does my leather belt smell bad like fish?

Why does my leather belt smell bad?

Reading all the smells above, if you thought that’s the worst that could happen to your leather belt, then we would think twice. Your leather belt can also smell fishy! Unlike the premium quality leather belt for men from Prime Ethos, there are retailers who sell belts that have been treated with unfiltered fish oils. The problem may not be prominent when you buy them from the shop. But as it becomes older, the fish oil molecules break down releasing this unpleasant smell.

How can you clean this bad smell from your leather belt?

Leather cleaners

You can use good quality leather cleaning products that don’t cause any damage to your leather belt. Mix them with water and immerse the leather belt into it to remove the smell from every layer of the leather belt.

We hope we could help you with some solutions to get rid of bad smells coming from your leather belt.

Prime Ethos, mens leather belt UK retailers will make sure to help our customers with every possible solution that would help them retain their leather quality for years to come.

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