How Do You Prevent the Constant Replacement of Your Leather Belts?

How Do You Prevent the Constant Replacement of Your Leather Belts

There comes once in a lifetime where a men’s leather belts become frayed and essentially unusable. The next best thing we do is to shop for new ones. This is not one case, though, there are various reasons why people shop for new belts. Either we think our old belts need a breather or we want to wear a new one.To keep matters easy, it’s always a good decision to prevent the constant act of replacing belts. Listed below are some of the easiest ways to do it.

Go for automatic leather belts

If you are like me who doesn’t want many belt options, it’s better to go for belts that would last long. A good example of that kind of belt would be the automatic buckle leather belt. In an automatic buckle leather belt, you don’t have to look out for frayed belt holes. Automatic belts rarely use buttonholes because it operates through.

Practice taking your belts out of your pants

We usually forget to take our belts out of our pants after taking it off for laundry. The results are disastrous – soggy leather belts and frayed holes. To prevent this, as soon as we take our pants off, it’s a nice habit to take our belts off it immediately. Leathers usually bend to cater to our waists’ shape, and over time, the constant bending action forms creases all over the leather. The already-creased leather belt will even get more damaged from the tumbling motion and detergent-filled washer.

Store your belt away from dampness and the sunlight

The prolonged exposure of the leather to the sun leads to the belt’s discoloration. To prevent discoloration, and the possibility of purchasing a new belt, practice the proper storage for belts. Put your leather belts on your closet’s leather belt hanger. Make sure that the closet isn’t exposed to open sunlight. The inside of the closet shouldn’t be damp.Even without a leather belt hanger, plastic containers or drawers are perfect storage locations for your leather belts. The only condition is for the inside of the boxes to be totally dry and away from the sunlight. Storing your belts properly prevents leather discoloration and damage.

Store your belts on space where your pets can’t find them

Yes, cats and dogs love playing with things, especially squishy and sturdy ones, like your leather belt. Your pets don’t mean it, but their love of playing and biting on things would leave your leather belt damaged and frayed to the seams.Keep your belts on places where your pets can’t find them. Belt hangers within closed closets would do.

Clean and enhance your leather belt/s

Like anything worn, if they’re left unmaintained, they’re going to decay. Give a bit more love to your leather belts. Buy some creams and cleaning materials for them. At least once a week, clean the leather and buckle parts. The buckle metal will turn rusty if you don’t try to clean out spilled coffee on it. The leather as well wouldn’t turn back on its perfect condition if you don’t condition it with its specialized cream conditioning agents.

Final thought

If you’re like me who likes to buy minimal but expensive belts, keep them in their optimum condition by practicing the tips mentioned above. This will save yourself from buying unnecessary splurges and the heartbreak of damaging your favorite tie.Do you enjoy reading our common but not so common tips? Give us some love and share your unique belt stories with us and let us know in the comment below on how to prevent belt replacements further.

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