The Men’s Leather Belts: Tips and Style Guides for 2020

The Men's Leather Belts-Tips and Style Guides for 2020

Leather belts can make you confident and nice about your style. However, the wrong type of leather belts would make you cringe. Choosing your leather belt nowadays isn’t so insignificant anymore. Your choice speaks volumes about your taste.If your leather belt was well-chosen, automatically, whatever suit and attire you choose would look smart. Even the most simple combination of polo and jeans would be fun with the right embellishment of a leather belt. On the other hand, choosing the wrong leather belt might give you unwanted attention. If your belt has the wrong size, it’ll affect your clothe’s proportions.To be sure that you’re always on the right side of style, below are some of the unsolicited tips that you can use to make sure you always pick the right leather belt for any occasion.

How do you pick the right belt for you?

Belts are rare items that are usually inexpensive, even at those of quality. However, you don’t want to be excessive about their number in your closet. You only need your essential belts to accompany you.

1. Be picky on the leather finish of your leather belt

As per Luca Faloni from an Italian luxury brand, “when it comes to the quality of belts, both the material used and the manufacturing process are important.” He further added that your chosen leather should age gracefully, resistant, and do not stretch through time. Full-grain leather provides you with all the features mentioned above.According to Faloni, try to look for the nubuck leather on the inner face. The feel should be silky to the touch but durable

2. Match and combine your shoes and your belt

Your outfit, for the most part, should match. It helps you look made up. So, try to match your belt and your shoes. If you are currently wearing a leather belt, try to gear up with a semi or full-leathered pair of shoes. Try to match your shoes and your pants’ colours too.

3. Be mindful about the measurements

The perfect height for a belt is always between one and one and a half inches. This measurement will work well with almost any type of pant style. This measurement also ensures that your belt is not too wide.

4. Matching metals

Bronze, silver, or gold are okay as buckles for leather belts. However, every once in awhile, try to make the finish or type of metal of your buckle to another metal accessory you’re wearing. Match your buckles with your cufflinks or watch perhaps.

5. Consider your bodily size

A considered ideal fit is that your belt’s tip extends comfortably on your first belt loop. The belt’s tip should also stop midway to the next loop. If the belt doesn’t fit your waist like that, don’t run in the kitchen and pull out some pair of scissors. Better prevent this mishap and try the belts on fitting rooms.A man’s belt size is often indicated in inches or centimeters. The measurements correspond to the length of the strap, which is measured from buckle to middle hole.

6. Wearing the correct type of belts for occasions

Most of the time, belts go unnoticeable or covered. However, on occasions where your belt’s strap is front and center, you have to pay more attention to the type of belt you wear. Below are some types of belt with corresponding correct occasions to wear.⦁ Casual Leather Belts: These belts are less reserved-looking compared to formal belts. Great leather belts have a matte or brass buckle finish and soft suede on the leather strap part. These types of belts are great for summer or on times when you feel like downing on your khaki shorts. ⦁ Woven Belt: Woven belts are good to pair with a pair of shorts during summer. They can be worn too on occasions where you need to wear linen suits. ⦁ Fabric Belt: Fabric belts have a slight military feel on them. You can wear this type of belt on textured trousers or shorts.

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